Bunions Caused By Shoes? Think again!

Are Bunions Caused by Shoes?

Are bunions caused by shoes? We take a look into this painful disorder and how it may be treated!

Did you know that there is no link between the formation of a bunion and what shoes you wore when you were younger? 

Did you know that about 1 in 5 females suffer from bunion deformities? 

Did you also know that people over 70 with bunions are more likely to fall over than those without and that if you have a painful bunion there is strong evidence that it can affect your quality of life? 

What is a Bunion?

Bunions (or hallux valgus) are disorders of the feet and one of the most common reasons for painful toes. A bunion is a bony protuberance that appears on the external surface of the big toe when it angles toward the adjacent toe.

A misalignment of the bones in the feet resulting in a bony bump on the base of the big toe is known as a bunion.

This condition can become extremely painful over a long period of time. A bunion will always get worse with time and the worse it becomes the more likely you are to develop secondary problems such as hammertoes and painful ball of the foot. It is difficult to predict how quickly the problem will progress. 

How is it diagnosed? 

The diagnosis of a bunion first starts with a thorough history and performing a physical examination. Your podiatrist may request some x-rays to attain a full appreciation of the extent of the problem. 

What is the treatment for a Bunion?

Bunions once formed, are permanent unless surgically removed. 

Non-Surgical Treatment of Bunions

Some non-surgical options that can be recommended for pain relief include:

  • Wearing roomier and more comfortable shoes
  • Orthotics to support the foot and take pressure off the bunion
  • Using ice packs to reduce pain and swelling
  • Over the counter pain medications
  • Steroid injections to alleviate pain and swelling

Surgical Treatment for Bunions

If our podiatrist thinks that you would benefit from surgery they may refer you to a foot and ankle surgeon for a specialist opinion. This may involve:

  • the removal of part of the bony projection and performing a controlled cut in the bone to realign the big toe joint.

The full recovery from a surgical procedure depends on the type of procedure. 

View our Podiatry services page to view how we treat bunions!

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