Gait Analysis

What Is Gait Analysis?

Southwest Foot & Ankle Centre are able to provide a gait analysis in our Bunbury, Busselton and Australind clinics.

Our clinicians are able to analyse your walking and running gait pattern to assess the biomechanics of the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and pelvis to determine any misalignment or dysfunction. The lower limb is subjected to a great amount of loading, and injuries are often a result of repetitive strain and poor biomechanics (movement).

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What Are The Reasons For Performing A Gait Analysis?

Gait abnormalities (dysfunction in the way the body moves) may cause overload, irritation or injury of various tendons, muscles, joints and nerves of the lower limb.

The gait analysis will assist the clinician in providing an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment plan which addresses the root underlying cause.

In some instances, an abnormal gait can assist in detecting underlying neurological or systemic conditions which may be contributing to your symptoms.

gait analysis performed on tredmill at southwest foot and ankle centre bunbury

What Is A Biomechanical Assessment?

Following a full discussion of the history of your presenting issue, a full assessment of the architecture and mechanical behaviour of your feet will be performed, called a micromechanical assessment. This will allow us to understand how your feet interact and behave with the environment, to determine if movement patterns may be influencing pain, injury or overload.

This may involve appraisal of your current footwear or shoe inserts, stress tests, analysing muscle strength, joint range-of-motion, assessing limb length discrepancies and stability tests.

The Different Techniques Of Gait Analysis

gait analysis at southwest foot and akle centre busselton

Gait analysis already begins as the patient is walking into the clinic rooms!

Our clinicians are experts in analysing abnormal movement and function, and simple observation may be all that is required. However, with the help of advanced medical technology, we are able to utilise dynamic video gait analysis to capture, analyse and measure the patient’s step length, stride length, cadence, joint angles, pressure distribution and muscular inefficiencies.

You may be required to walk or run on various ground surfaces with footwear or barefoot for comparison.

What Can We Do To Address Abnormal Gait Function?

Once our clinicians diagnose abnormal gait and determine any underlying cause or risk factors for your condition. We will be able to provide an individual treatment plan for abnormal gait.

This may include targeted rehabilitation or exercise therapy, footwear advice, custom foot orthoses to correct dysfunction, gait retraining and activity modification, or creating accommodating splints, braces or devices.

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